Boucle D’or Brussels, 10 years already!

Lots going on in Brussels this week around kids fashion! Celebrating its 10th anniversary, boutique Boucle d'Or  is throwing a party this Saturday (May 24) with Parisian artist By Virgo.  

The photographic choice of Alexandra Darcissac

Photos by Gana   The real life story of Alexandra Darcissac and children's brand La princesse au petit pois (The princess and the pea) could start with "Once upon a time".  In 1992, two years after the birth of her first daughter Siam, Alexandra started her…

Bianca, 13, Asia 10 & Lily 4 years old – Brussels, Belgium

Between Asia the phography and books lover, Bianca so fond of her friends, Lily who sweetly calls her mom "ma princesse d'amour", and her children's store Caramel, Ludovica hasn't time for boredom.

Hannah Gunzig, 8 years old – Brussels, Belgium

8 years old Hannah Gunzig and mother Sabrina Palmisano from Belgium are our guest for a short interview today. Hannah speaks both French and Italian, and Sabrina, former jurist, is a stylist and the owner of a beautiful children's store called Boucle d'or, in Brussels.

Brussel, in Antwerp

  Founders of the brand Maan, Vicky Vinck and Evelyne De Brock opened a children's store in Antwerp named Brussel at the beginning of this year. The 60 sq meter boutique is filled with very absolutely gorgeous kids brands : Anne Kurris, Finger in the nose, Kidscase, Maan,…