Honey loves to draw and color, and has a sunny personality. She loves to tell funny jokes, and is very interested in helping the environment. I guess she gets the art skills from her father (talented photographer) and from her mom Tanya Minhas, children’s Clothing Designer and owner of Honey Collection.


What is your favorite famous person Mommy, Daddy Adams and the Fairy Princess Jane from the book Tike, which I am going to write.

What makes you happy/laugh Happy When I hear that a building is being taken down, because I like thatched cottages a lot, but I don’t like ugly buildings. Laugh: Every single funny joke in the world. On a rainy day, my friend asked for a pair of long pants. The storekeeper asked how long do you want them.  My friend said till the end of December.

What makes you sad/angry Sad When my mom screams at me, and when I hear of a new building that is going to be made. Angry: When I get something wrong in gym class, or when someone punishes me the most for something I did not do – my teacher in school does that almost every day.

Your favorite book Any Five Find Outers by Enid Blyton

Your favorite films The Never Ending Story

Your favorite animal Jaguar

The best holidays you ever had My holidays with my mom in a beautiful place called Pakistan. Just had fun with family, and pets.

A place that you would dream to visit An imaginary place that has the funny-ness of America, the beauty of England, and the kindness of Pakistan. Also India and Egypt.

Who chooses your clothes in the morning My mom and I, but I want it to be only me.

Your favorite outfit Jeans and a t-shirt.

What is the piece your like the most from your wardrobe A stripy pink and white cowboy shirt with snap buttons.

The next item you would like to get A Halloween costume for next Halloween. A Knight in Shining Armour.


Your favorite children’s brands Marimekko Kids, Bonpoint, Paul Smith Junior, Makie, Simonetta

Your favorite children’s stores Sweet William, Capucine, Bu and the Duck – all in NYC.

What do you buy online? I mostly buy only books online – at alibris.com, amazon.com and steinerbooks.org

A website that inspires you www.ramakrishnananda.com

The criteria you consider when you buy something for your children Is it beautiful, and will it last?

Last item you added to Honey’s wardrobe Patent leather knee high boots for a daughter who will not wear leggings or tights, or high socks, even in the dead of winter.

Most precious item you bought for Honey A vintage dollhouse, which needs serious repairs.

Best gift you gave for a child’s B-day A box filled with drawing paper, crayons, paints, paintbrushes, glitter glue and stickers.

Items that are hard to find For kids, I find it hard to find a pair of gloves that are truly warm, look good and are not bulky. Practical, comfortable and stylish hats are difficult also.

Favorite pieces in Honey’s wardrobe Honey asked for her first pair of blue jeans in January, and she loves them.

The book on your bedside table The Complete Poems of Robert Frost

Where do you like to go for the summer holidays Water Island is where I most love to be during the summer.