Mae is a very independent and centered girl, with a strong sense of self. She is a wonderful sister to her rambunctious younger brother Marius. The mother, Sophie Demenge, also co-founder and designer of Oeuf adds : “Mae enjoys the company of others (kids and adults alike) but is equally happy to play (or work as she says) by herself for hours on end.  She loves building! Building boxes, forts, architectural models, ceramics, sculptures, costumes, etc… She has an innate sense of business and when one of my friends compliments one of her creations she asks if they want to buy it, she will customize to your specs!!  In French we says “cats don’t make dogs”, or in other words, like mother, like daughter; isn’t it? It’s a pleasure to discover what both Mae and Sophie enjoy surrounding themselves with.



What do you want to be when you grow up?  An architect, inventor, detective or artist

What is your favorite famous person? Obama

What makes you happy? My family

What makes you sad? Not being with my family

Your favorite book? All the Junie B Jones books by Barbara Park

Your favorite film? The ones I make

Your favorite holiday place?  My lakehouse and cousins’ house in Hong Kong

A city or a place that you would dream to visit? The moon

Who chooses your clothes in the morning? Me and my mom

Your favorite colors? Blue, yellow, purple and green

Your favorite outfit? A comfy dress

What is the piece your like the most from your wardrobe? My fur slippers

The next item you would like to get? A laptop (I’m trying to save)


Your favorite children’s brands? For my daughter, Soeur in Paris, for both Bonton in Paris and I also like JCrew in NY. I must mention as one of my go-to: l’incontournable Monop’

Your favorite children’s stores?  I feel incredibly lucky and honored that my absolute favorite stores carry Oeuf. Le Bon Marche, Bonton, Balouga, Serendipity, le Printemps

Your favorite online destinations? Same for the online stores, my cherished ones sell Oeuf; LFG, Smallable, Kids Love Design

Your favorite adult’s brands? Isabel Marant, Comptoir des cotonniers, Maje

The book on your bedside table? I like to alternate books at the same time, right now I have Grace et Denuement d’Alice Ferney, Linchpin de Seth Godin et Envy and Gratitude de Melanie Klein. I love to read L’arbre sans fin de Claude Ponti to my kids and for my own delight.

The criteria you consider when you buy something for your children? Quality and comfort

Most precious item you bought for Mae? A kid size fainting sofa bought at on auction for her, she was doing all the betting (she has the auction bug)

Best gift you gave for a child’s B-day? I love the idea of giving something that had a previous life, a story. For Mae’s 6th birthday I gave her the doll house I had when I was her age (all furnished 70’s style!)

Items that are hard to find? I love when I can’t find something. It gives me an excuse to make it

Favorite pieces in Mae’s wardrobe? I love the Oeuf tails and masks. It adds a little whimsy to any outfits

Your favorite place to spend the holidays in family? Our lakehouse in upstate NY. We are working hard on finishing the tree fort that is nested deep in the woods along with the obstacle course and zip line for the end of the summer… Mae and Marius want to built secret tunnels and some traps for ground-ups…