This interview featuring  Milli and her brother Manav is quite an evidence that males were born on Mars and females on Venus! Mother of the two children, Anita Kaushal is also a designer, art director, author of wonderful and inspiring books.

Millie and Manav

What do you want to be when you grow up Milli Writer – Manav Football Player

What is your favorite famous person Milli Sharpay from High School Musical because she is strong and soft – Manav Michael Jackson because he was very entertaining, clever and brilliant

What makes you happy or laugh Milli my brother dancing – Manav being with my friends

What makes you sad or angry Millimy brother annoying me – Manav falling off my bike

Your favorite book Milli Horrid Henry – Manav Arsenal Football Club’s book

Your favorite films Milli Sound of Music, Annie, Home Alone, Wizard of Oz – Manav Spider Man, Bat Man, Harry Potter

Your favorite animal Milli Cat  – Manav Giraffe

The best holidays you ever had Milli Euro Disney last year because of all the magic and excitement. We had lots of fun and stayed up late to watch the nighttime parades and fire eating dragon – Manav: Namibia in Africa a couple of years ago.I loved the sand dunes and picking up large creepy crawlies.It as very exciting

A place that you would dream to visit Milli I want to go to Disney Land – Manav I want to go all over America

Who chooses your clothes in the morning Milli I choose my own and then ask mummy if they are fine – Manav I choose my own most days and get mummy’s help if we are going somewhere special

Your favorite color Milli Pink because it is pretty and cheerful – Manav Red because it is my football teams colour and my school colour

Your favorite outfit Milli my jeans and white t-shirt – Manav a cool waistcoat and matching cap

What is the piece your like the most from your wardrobe Milli My pretty dresses from I love gorgeous – Manav My football kit

The next item you would like to get Milli Real glass slippers – Manav a Cool Michael Jackson type suit


Your favorite children’s brands All Saints

Your favorite children’s stores Bonton

Do you buy a lot online for your children. If so, what are your favorite e-stores I don’t buy much on line for the children other than books and films etc and these tend to come from Amazon.Clothes – I tend to take the children with me to try things as their tastes are changing so fast. Whilst with on-line the beauty is they can try things at home, I don’t like to have to return things as it eats into the retailers profit so I just prefer to go to the store

A website that inspires you and I think You Tube is the best thing on the web as it just allows you to tap into whatever inspires

The criteria you consider when you buy something for your children Will they actually wear it.Gone are the days when I could choose for them so it is futile going for what I like, I have to consider their tastes.I used to spend a small fortune on the children’s clothes and I still treat them to key pieces but there are a lot more casual clothes in their wardrobe as they spend most their life in their pj’s or school uniform.So I give more consideration to their pj’s than their daytime clothes

Last item you added to your child’s wardrobe Cardigans from All Saints just last week

Most precious item you bought for your child A Dior dress for my daughters first birthday.A beautiful Caramel Baby & Child cashmere jumper for my son

Best gift you gave for a child’s B-day For newborns I like to give Tiffany’s half moon silver teething rings that have a gentle rattle in them.Otherwise I tend to give art that can grow with the child in terms of taste

Items that are hard to find Quality shoes that don’t cost the earth

Favorite pieces in their wardrobe In my daughters it has to be sari’s designed by her aunty who recently moved to Delhi. They are so special.For my son it is really anything from All Saints and he is such a clothes horse he looks fab in anything and everything

The book on your bedside table I tend to have a stack of six books on my bedside at a time and I will pick up whichever I am in the mood for.One of my all time favorites is ‘The power of now’ which I go back to every now and then

Where are you going for the summer holidays We try to go back to India and often as we can – its my homeland and is very special for the whole family

All Saints, Dior, Bonton, Caramel Baby&Child