Pirouette 10 questions game:

Q&A between 2 players – 5 questions & 5 answers each. Both players are interviewer and interviewee. This time with Tze Ching Yeung (T) designer and founder of Jake and Maya invites Rie Helen Miyaoka (R) designer and founder of FäFä  to ask her 5 questions then answer 5 of her own. Let’s go !


Rei asks, Tze answers…

R: What is the story behind Jake + Maya [Kids]?
T: The brand was named after my twins Jake and Maya, who were born almost 10 years ago. (Gosh, where did the time go?!!)  This is very much a story about them and also about me as a mum. It is about me trying to do my best in making a positive impact in this world and their future environment.

R: What story do you intend to tell with your designs?
T: There is a lot of issues in our consumerist society at the moment, with all the waste and pollution that we are creating. Not only just that, there is also a lot of unfairness and exploitation happening in this world, just so that we can keep on shopping. We want to highlight these issues but in a positive way. We want to put the power back into the hands of consumers by providing better options and to encourage people to slow down their consumption. The story we intend to tell is that we always have a choice and that positive change is possible. It may be difficult but it is possible.

R: Why did you choose to do children’s fashion?
T: It wasn’t a conscious choice for me to begin with. It came as an opportunity that was presented to me. I quickly grabbed and ran with it. I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into at the time but after all these years, it is all finally starting to make sense. Fashion is a very powerful tool to help engage people in conversations. What we would like to do is to “talk” to children and to teach and encourage them to have a more sustainable mindset and to help them become more conscious consumers when they grow up and we can do this through good design and intention … with a little bit of help from their parents of course.

As Aristotle once said: “Good habits learnt at youth makes all the difference”.

R: How does your family life look like?
T: We live in an old farm house, in a little village in Wiltshire. 2 kids, my husband, me, 1 dog and 3 cats ! Not sure how this happened but we seemed to have ended up with more animals than we originally intended …. having said that, I would really love to get some ducks one day.

Life is fairly simple, uneventful and mostly peaceful (well, as peaceful as can be with a couple of slightly mad and opinionated kids !) but we love it. I say we, but probably me and the kids more than my husband. He is a city boy who loves noise and busyness around him …

We still have an apartment in London, so whenever we need some noise, we spend the weekend there, catching up with friends and family.

R: You are one of the prettiest and coolest designer/mum I know.What’s your beauty secret???
T: Haha, that is quite a compliment coming from you! Beauty secret? Smile and enjoy life! Happiness is very attractive and if people don’t find you attractive, that’s ok because at least you are enjoying yourself, right ?!


Tze asks, Rei answers…

T: You are one of the most unique children’s fashion designer that I know. Could you tell me what your main inspiration comes from?
R: My main inspiration comes from my childhood. Toys, clothes, and all the happy colors my father used to bring back from abroad.

T: What does your dream world look like?
R: Lots of stuffed animals, horses, dogs, flowers stars with glitter and rainbow ♡

T: If you could be anywhere in the world now, where would that be?
R: That would be Kalamata in Greece where all my fury friends are!

T: I recently saw that you opened a store in Tokyo, is that right? What other exciting plans do you have for Fä Fä at the moment?
R: Yes, we just opened our 3rd store in Tokyo. We now have a total of 17 stores in Japan!
Our exciting plans at the moment is working on a lifestyle collection.

T: Finally, If I have only 3 hours to spend in Tokyo, where should I go?
R: Not sure if this is a 3 hour plan: A quick Kawaii culture trip to Takeshita Dori followed by a massive cotton candy. Shopping at Kiddy land & Tokyu Hands & Don Quijote for all sorts of Japanese knick knacks. Asakusa to get the feel of Japanese culture.

The End/Fin

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