The Q&A Game: Dreams with Sibylle Pal – Liilu founder x Katie Kendrick – Pirouette Editor

INSTRUCTIONS: Katie sends 5 questions about Dreams to Sibylle who answers, then sends 5 questions to Katie who answers.

Katie to Sibylle

1. Do you still dream? Yes I do, dreams keep us alive. I have the feeling that currently, I have more dreams than ever before, clear visions of where I see myself, my family and my company in the future. “If you can dream it, you can do it”, said Walt Disney.

2. Have you ever dreamt something that has come true? I have always dreamed about living in the south at the beach. I saw, again and again, the same scene in my head like a movie. Me, my husband, the kids and some dogs running at the beach while the sun is going down, by the way, it’s the best time of a day. And yes since March this year the dream became true and we moved to the south of Portugal, living a more natural remote life in the countryside with a lot of beach life. We really love this new experience, far away from home. Building a new second home.

3. Dream job? “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.“ – Confucius. As founder and designer of my own kidswear brand liilu I found my kind of dream job. Fashion, travelling and photography was always a big passion of mine and I can combine all this in my job. It’s a good feeling seeing things falling into place. Which does not mean that everything goes smoothly. We have a lot of challenging times in this business, but nevertheless I really love my job.

4. What are your dreams for you kids? That they are following their own dreams and find true happiness in their own life. That they are happy, grateful, healthy, kind, loved, safe, generous. That they make this world a better place and be proud of who they become.

5. Instagram a home of dreams, or a wasteland of self-promoting illusion? Something of both. Instagram can be very inspiring. Reaching out to same-minded people from all over the world was never so easy, also in terms of business. You can choose what or who you want to see by following accounts who inspire you. On the other hand you can also lose yourself into it and waste time hanging out too long in this unreal world. I think it is like with everything – if you consume social media consciously it will be fine. So don‘t lose yourself out there. Create your own life and live your own dream!


Now your turn Sybille to ask the questions…

Here are my 5 questions. Hope they make sense haha.

Sybille to Katie

1. Dream place? I dream all the time of being in one of those chef food travel programs where they travel the world tasting local food, like the wonderful late Bourdain or my favourite Momofuku founder David Chang. Weird wonderful places, meeting brilliant, wonderful people, tasting unusual, wonderful food… I would love that… I’m thinking of it now – in New Orleans tasting creole squat lobsters wearing one of those seafood bibs.

2. Tell me about your last daydream! Urgh it’s always the same – at the moment my mind switches into project mode I go into a sort of daydream. I trance out and start visualizing in my mind the project like a 3D CAD drawing. The idea, concept forms the visual foundation, then it develops visually in my mind such as what I need to do, how to create it etc. Not sure if this makes any sense but it’s exhausting and necessary to get the job done!

3. Do you follow your dreams? I’ve always followed my dreams, I can get scared to fail but experience has taught me you only get one life and you don’t want it to be boring. I’m not a shy retiring person, I like to talk and laugh – seemingly a bit too loud on occasion! Basically I’m not afraid to be myself and follow my dreams. I probably give more than is necessary, but you only make dreams into reality if you go for it!

4. Do you share your dreams? Oh um good question, yes and no… ;-)

5. A dreamer – foolish or wise? Wise… for without dreamers we wouldn’t enjoy the gift of technology, art, philosophy, literature, health care, architecture, human rights, the list goes on. Every achievement surely starts with a dream…

That was fun thanks Sybille! 

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