Fashion designer Paul Smith has teamed up with illustrator Sam Usher to publish his first children’s book, Moose and Mr Brown from Pavilion books.

The book is a laugh-out-loud story of animals, travel, design and finding inspiration in the most unlikely of places.

The main characters are Moose, a moose, and Mr Brown, a monkey who lives in Sir Paul’s office in London. The characters were inspired by Paul Smith’s own toys. Mr Brown is an international fashion designer (of course), who meets Moose on a plane travelling to London. Moose is distraught as he has lost his twin brother Monty – who got on the wrong plane! So Mr Brown agrees to help Moose track Monty down, and in return, Moose helps bring even more inspiration to Mr Brown’s business.

Moose and Mr Brown by Paul Smith and Sam Usher (published by  Pavilion books) is available from September 2019