The New Society all ready to go…

Fashion can be a strange black hole of time travel, with designers creating new collections whilst at the same time selling next season’s collection during which the current collection drops in stores. Past, present and future all at once. The New Society showed at Pitti Bimbo in The Nest area for the first time last June 2018. Arriving at their stand they had everything ready for buyers to invest from day one with an extensive collection of knitwear, cut and sew and rainwear references. The New Society’s beautiful images and branding supports the reseller to promote the brand in store whilst the team are excited for their collection to be a success.

Hence The New Society were our worthy winners for the Pirouette One to Watch Award for Fashion SS19 at Pitti Bimbo 87. Subsequently they have unsurprisingly gone on to great success, and more awards – but it’s always lovely to see the Grumpy Cat in a Bag sitting in pride of place at their stand during the selling season. We talk with Estefania Grandio in our One to Watch Winner interview.


The One to Watch interview – Estefania Grandio, The New Society

Estefania Grandio, The New Society Pirouette One to Watch winner SS19 fashion at Pitti Bimbo 87
In the white T-shirt Estefania Grandio, designer & founder The New Society

How many individuals make up The New Society? I started alone, but on the way people have collaborated with me. Valerie Hoffman as Sales Manager, Tita Vecera with the Production and Beatriz Juarez in the Communication and PR Area.

What are your backgrounds, how did you get into design for the children’s market? I am working in Fashion (Womenswear) since more than 15 years, I worked in companies as Zara, Oysho, Massimo Dutti, Burberry or Boss in Germany, as designer, Head of Design, Creative director… it was an amazing experience I learn a lot about great professionals and companies. But the more I grew the more I felt the need to create something by myself, because I felt I have something to say. To show how I feel fashion must be, as collection, as conscious, as aesthetic and as concept. With my Maternity I saw a world of possibilities in kid’s fashion, and I love the freedom and the innocence of childhood.

What do you believe good children’s design to be…? When I work on a design first I select the fabric. I think it must have a natural soft fabric, an easy to wear shape with some twist, and a color or print that means something.

Where do you find the inspiration for your collections? Everywhere, sometimes it’s a song (as primitive), but normally it is the set of things that makes me feel something. A film, a song, a book, quotes, a painting, an artist, a trip, an emotion…. it’s like a lot of pictures without sense and once I sit and put it all together I create a film, normally the inspiration is a bit chaotic but it’s amazing to see how in the end everything has sense. It’s difficult to express, it is 100% emotional, it’s really something I feel.

What is your company ethos? This is difficult to define for me, I wasn’t inspired from other Kidswear Brands, rather my reference is my own universe and the things I like. Before our 1st show I was afraid that Liberty prints, navy stripes, bambula dresses and linen will be nothing new or of interest to the market and people. To my surprise people said we have a new concept, we are different, etc… I think it is all about emotions, I really love Liberty Prints, navy Stripes, bambula and Lines. Every summer, everywhere, it is how I feel there is nothing I love more, so I think in the end our ethos is the reflection of an emotion. I wanted to transmit this emotion in the campaign and I am so happy about (it) because the pictures and the film makes the difference. I think in 2 weeks came the EMOTIONS & AESTHETIC.

Describe your range of products? From now we work all kind of Garments, Woven, Jersey, Knit, Outerwear, Coats Denim from 3 to 14 years.

What are the main materials you use? In summer 100% Cotton & 100% Linen, In Winter we continue with 100% Cotton, we add Wool and more warm compositions.

In how many countries can we find your label? Europe, US, Korea, Japan, Lebanon…

Countries of manufacturing? In Summer: 90% Portugal, Spain, & China just for the outerwear. In Winter Portugal: 50% Spain 30% India 15% China 5%

Where would you like to take the label in the future? We want to continue like now creating collections and stories that people will love, see how the clients feel with our garments, getting feedback to improve, also create new product categories and be more sustainable every season.

Any news from when we last spoke? Every day we have something new jejeje, basically we are learning a lot, and working a lot, we are working on the 2019 strategy.

3 words to describe your next collection? INTROSPECTIVE, MAGICAL, COMPLETE.

A favourite quote? I have a lot but probably “Eventually, everything connects” means a lot…..

Finally, where do you keep your Pirouette One to Watch ’Cat in a bag’ Award? The Cat is travelling with me everywhere, and now we are creating a new Studio I will find a good place for him. Everyone loves the cat!!

The New Society SS19 collection

The New Society SS19 collection, Pirouette One to Watch winners


The New Society SS19 collection

The New Society receiving their Pirouette One to Watch Award at Pitti Bimbo 87

Editors notes: This image of the One to Watch presentation makes me laugh, it looks like we’re going to sing the YMCA! Just four ‘Builders’ with two microphones and a grumpy cat in a bag, Giuliana Parabiago (Pitti Immagine) Estefania Grandio,(The New Society), Dimitra Zavakou (Little Pop Up) & Moi (Pirouette One To Watch Awards SS19 Pitti Bimbo)

Pirouette One to Watch winners SS19 fashion at Pitti Bimbo 87