How about unpluging yourself from the urban craze and enjoying the very best of the countryside ? Un Lit au Pré (« A Bed in a Meadow ») offers stays in small-scale French farms. A unique Art de Vivre experience on real active farms, where the farmer and family are passionate guardians of animals, landscapes, architecture, history and excellent local food too.

When I was a child, my father made a point to introduce us to farm life, so we visited many, over holidays or week ends in le Jura or in Les Landes. I keep fond memories of hide and seek parties in the hay, petting the rabbits, drinking fresh milk just out of the cow.

Un Lit au Pre is a great way to introduce urban children to that enriching farm life. The owners are very friendly; they speak a little bit of English and they are willing to teach you some French. Un Lit au Pre offers a selection of 6 farms in France, each with a maximum of 6 tents, each tent with a capacity of 6 persons. The tents are well equiped and carefully displayed in the farm surroundings, to ensure maximum privacy and ultimate luxury. The ideal set up to let the kids run after the chicken from dawn to dusk.
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