This summer we went to India en famille. Only virtually, to play, dream and learn. It was fun and it left us lots of vivid memories. Not to mention a lot more knowledgeable about this remarkable country.

We all know that learning while playing is a key for success. We got to test this hypothesis over the summer, giving our daughters a challenge of completing a quiz about India. They watched a series of documentary videos after seeing “The Viceroy’s House” in the cinema.

The videos included:

I think they were particularly impressed by the film about Diwali! The 15 questions included:

  • What are the main regions of India?
  • What are the main religions and languages spoken?
  • What is a bindi and why do people wear one?
  • What type of dishes are naan and paneer?

The last one was the perfect prelude to cooking an Indian meal together on the evening of the quiz: prawn Masala and cardamome semolina. But there was an extra incentive: a visit to their favourite restaurant if they passed the quiz with high marks.

Their presentation exceeded all expectations! For the quiz, they arrived decked out in Saris and addressed us in Hindi saying “शुभ संध्या” (“bonsoir chers parents”)!

Full marks all round. And now they are the ones asking for another quiz week: Japan this time!