One lovely aspect of the kid’s fashion and design sector is that like minded individuals seek each other out, and from these bonds and mutual respect, beautiful collaborations can develop. This is the case for Atsuyo Yang and Akiko Mukae designers and owners of ATELiER ATSUYO et AKiKO and the photographer Amanda Pratt. Each collection Atsuyo and Akiko send pieces to Amanda to shoot with her very gorgeous girls. This time the location being a family summer holiday in Greece. Warm and enchanting, sparkles and kisses. Stuff memories are made of :-)


Atsuyo et Akiko & Amanda Pratt colab

Atsuyo et Akiko & Amanda Pratt photography and kid's fashion

Atsuyo et Akiko & Amanda Pratt

Atsuyo et Akiko

Atsuyo et Akiko & Amanda Pratt

Atsuyo et Akiko & Amanda Pratt - SKiRT - ViOLETTA - iVORY

Atsuyo et Akiko - SKiRT - ViOLETTA - iVORY


Atsuyo et Akiko 

The collection pictured above is available to purchase now. Our #coupdecoer being the Violetta leotard,
available in peach or ivory, 2-8yrs,  Buy here.

Atsuyo et Akiko - Violetta Leotard

Eta and Akiko have just celebrated the 1oth anniversary of their wonderful label, read an interview by Florence with the ladies. “Atsuyo et Akiko 10 year Anniversary”, Read article

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Amanda Pratt 

Amanda Pratt is known and admired for the energetic, inspiring brand of whimsy she brings to photography. Raised in Vancouver and Rio de Janeiro, Amanda received a degree in Art History from UBC and worked as a stylist for film in New York before transitioning into fashion and make-up. Almost a decade later, countless clients have benefitted from her technical precision and creativity behind the lens. The exquisite travel collection “We Are Smiling” showcases her fun and ethereal sense of narrative. Currently, Amanda lives in New York City, working increasingly on video projects for clients.

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