With its 8 halls, 101,000 square meter and 2860 exhibitors, the trade show Maison & Objet can be very overwhelming. Depending on how long you stay and how far you go in the alleys of ashtrays, cast iron coat racks and useless objects, you either become dizzy, sick or enchanted. Best, if you have a sudden overdose of small scale useless consumer goods, is to go visit the trends section. That will take you back to the big picture, to the essential, to the future.

I was impressed by “Archaic Shelters”, an exhibit by trends specialist Elisabeth Leriche. “The main trends for this autumn can be seen as a reaction to a world which is out of favour and often thought to be over-aggressive. Faced with this real or virtual danger, our ancestral reflexes re-emerge. Far from the ultramodern cocoons offered in recent years, over-representative of their period, there is a regression towards a natural and reassuring habitat. Wood and stone, animal skins and clay – nature is once again a real inspiration for designers. Out of a need to reconnect with origins we have ignored for too long, the neo-primitive is emerging and establishing itself as the major trend of this new decade.” A room inside the exhibit (a bit too dark to be photographed properly) was indeed like a luxury version of a cave from the stone-age era. In line with the rough luxe and glamping concepts. I can’t wait to see new troglodyte hotels flourish, Flinstone way. Kids will love it!