Exit Magazine Issue number 40




Vee Speers, from the “Birthday Party” Series

Four years after our first encounter at AIPAD in New York, I met Vee Speers again last week, during Paris Photo. Vee was showing her new works on the London based “Photographer’s Gallery” booth. She told me she was quite surprised by the enormous coverage she had with her “Birthday Party” series (pictures above). That is how she drove my attention on the latest issue of EXIT, a 10 years anniversary issue that I would have been sad to miss : close to 200 pages of photos and texts focused on children aged 10. Michael Chelbin, Vee Speers, Nicholas Prior, Roger ballen, Wendy McMurdo, Sergey Bratkov, Clare Richardson, Anastasia Khoroshiilova, Anna Fox, Ingar Krauss….a long list of stunning children’s photographers. Here’s a small selection of pictures that I particularly enjoyed, from artists that I know well or from ones I have just discovered in this rich EXIT issue.





Alexandra Sanguinetti, “Sweet expectation series”, 1994 (The artist is represented by Yossi Milo Gallery in New York)




Hellen van Meene, 2006 – Sadie Coles HQ, London & Yancey Richardson Gallery, New York





Michael Chelbin, “Jenya in my hotel room”, Ukraine 2005




Anastasia Khoroshilova, Vyacheslav & Maxim, Islanders series – Ernst Hilger Galerie, Vienna