It is a premiere : a glossy fashion magazine loaded with articles about family; a bit like an auction house (PBA, Pierre Berge&Associates) focusing on Kids design…signs of the times!

We are a family” writes Stefano Tonchi in the editor’s letter of the December issue of W Magazine. “A quick scan of the newsstand confirms what trend experts have been forecasting for years now : America is in love with babies.” Tonchi, who spent a few years as the chief editor of the NY Times Styles Magazine, has a lot of nose and great talent. Since he took over W magazine, the large glossy format has turned into a bible loaded with food for thought, exciting fashion and cultural news; a place to meet the trendiest people and products. Tonchi reminds that W is not in the business of social research, but that the magazine attempts to mirror what’s happening in the culture at large (which is what I personally expect from the magazines I read, even fashion ones…). This wonderful issue is a great reflexion of what family means today, featuring Jeff Koons, Madonna, The Fendis, the Freuds, Sofia Coppola, as well as inspiring pictures from Paolo Roversi styled by Alex White (photos above and below).