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Founders of the brand Maan, Vicky Vinck and Evelyne De Brock opened a children’s store in Antwerp named Brussel at the beginning of this year. The 60 sq meter boutique is filled with very absolutely gorgeous kids brands : Anne Kurris, Finger in the nose, Kidscase, Maan, Marcel, Max&Lola, Muchacha, Nathalie Verlinden, Rita Co Rita, Simple Kids…A unique occasion to find all of them under the same roof. It’s definitely time for a trip to Belgium!


Why the name Brussel knowing that the store is in Antwerp? Because we are working with Belgian brands and Brussel is the capital of Belgium

Where did the idea of a store come from? Antwerp has a lot of children’s stores but the original brands are not available in the small sizes

What type of customer do you have in the store? We have national and international customers, many of them traveling from Japan, France and the US

What is different and unique in your store? Our idea is to mix all brands and colours to create a new and special silhouette

What are the key colors? Mostly bright colours

Any plans for the future? We already have our own brand, Maan, so one store for the moment is enough!