Founded by Poupy Sfez and Nancy Fanton, Numéro 74 is a new brand/e-store of  textiles and vintage furniture for children . The brand is based in Italy and Poupy and Nancy (who are Italian + cousins) divide their time between Italy, Thailand, France and Ibiza. Poupy focuses on design and Nancy on management.  The textile collections are handmade in Thailand by women’s cooperatives and the vintage pieces are are gathered all around the world. Meet Poupy and Nancy.

What did you do before launching Numero 74?

Poupy : For ten years I managed an events organisation agency specialised for children. Following that I opened children store’s dedicated to birthdays !

Nancy : My experience in the fashion industry led me to explore the world of children’s accessories. It gave me the opportunity to dream again, in order to create and enchant with our creations..Simple daily aspect of life such as a genuine and innocent smile gave me the strenght to begin this adventure…

Tell us more about the launch of Numero 74

Poupy : We launched 3 years ago, and it took us 6 months to get from the idea to the actual launch.

Nancy : The desire of making something important in my life came up naturally right after I gave birth to my twin boys. At the beginning it was natural and easy, but soon after I realized that It takes a lot of patience to be a mother, and I used this attitude to create our exclusive products always thinking as a mother. Today my angels are 4 years old.

Where does the name Numero 74 come from?

It was our combined age when we launched the brand, and the year in which Nancy is born.

Are you France and Italy focused?

Poupy & Nancy : Not really ! A lot of interest came from countries much farther afield than we expected… For example Australia and Japan… to our big surprise.

What inspires you at the moment ?

Poupy : Nature, the crafts and skills handed down from generation to generation in ancien cultures and populations, unexpected meetings, the spirit of children from far away countries….
Nancy : I use patience and passion to create our exclusive products always thinking to our potential client; mothers to be. It’s a lot like becoming parent…quite an adventure! There was no plan, strategy or timeline, we made our choises with instinct, love and passion

Where do the two of you live?

Poupy : 1/3 in Paris, 1/3 in Thailand, 1/3 in Ibiza
Nancy : In Italy

What is your favorite children’s store in your own city?

Poupy et Nancy : Serendipity…in Paris, The Sunday market…in Chiang MaiEnjoy …in Santa Gertrudis, Ibiza

The new and interesting places in the town/area where you live?

Poupy & Nancy : A fisherman’s cabine where you can eat the best fish in the world sitting on the rocks facing the sea at Talamanca, Ibiza.

Your favorite place for family holidays?

Poupy : Definitely Thailand – the country that has adopted me. The landscape, the animals, the warm hearted people… and the taste for good and beautiful objects.
Nancy : the most beautiful place in which I have vacationed, with the whole family, is Bali, the smiling and cordial population, the completely open houses and in contact with the nature, the oldie that every morning came in garden and made the preyer to the sun…that vacation filled the heart.

What do you prize most in life?

Nancy : my twins

Do you have a big dream and if so what is it ?

Poupy : To fly free like a bird, alone sometimes and other times perfectly in line with hundreds of others.
Nancy : My great dream is… the peace of the spirit.

A movie or book or cultural event that you liked?

Poupy : A concert by DJ Luciano Vagabundos in Ibiza in presence of all the prison mates !

Nancy : The” Small Prince” my preferred book and the film that I have seen of recent Madagascar remains always.”..the twins often decide who I spend my time.

Your favourite apps?

Poupy : Shazam
Nancy : Instagram… unbelievable photos – shazam….it finds everything

Something that made you laugh out loudly recently?

Euhhhh…your question :)