This is one of the joys of being in Europe : having so many wonderful and diverse destinations at close reach. Our latest travel was to Rhodes where our friends Tim&Dixie got married. It took us nearly 4 hours to reach the island and the first great surprise was going off the plane and feeling that delicious hot air. Mid October and 28 degrees in the evening makes you wonder why on earth you have to suffer London’s weather ;-).

Rhodes is located northeast of Crete and southwest of the Anatolian coast in Turkey. It is actually so close to Turkey that you can see it from the airport on a clear day. The little village of Lindos is 40 km south of Rhodes and it’s where the bride, a true Londoner, spent all her summers since she was little. A precious guide for the trip.

The island is small and therefore stress free; all is easy, friendly with good value for money. We just had a fantastic time and promised ourselves we would come back.

Where to sleep in Lindos

The chic hotel in town is Melenos Lindos, with beautiful views on the village and the sea and great outdoor intimate spaces. Lindos Blu, a bit outside of town is another option but this is only if you leave the kids behind as they are not accepted. Sister hotel Lindos Mare can be fun for kids with its great swimming pool and attractions (swings, ping pong table, etc), but the food is average and the supermarket music, cheesy evening pursuits are a bit incongruous.

B&B and flat/house rentals : – –

The most charming villa for rent we’ve visited is villa Angela, in the heart of the village. But also check out these properties in a similar style –

Where to eat in Lindos


The Restaurant at St Paul’s Beach serves very good traditional dishes (humous, tadziki, Greek salad) as well as fried calamari.

Gelo Blu for the best ice cream in town.

Broccolino, Pallas Beach. Very good Italian food, family friendly.

What to see and do in Lindos

– St Paul’s beach is surrounded by rocks. You can spend hours in the water, swimming, snorkeling, diving from the rocky shore.

– The Lindos Citadel (Acropolis) & The Ancient Theatre, is situated on too of a 116 m high rocky hill, making of it a unique terrace over the Aegean sea.

– The Church of Virgin Mary (15th Century), known for its exquisite hagiographies, dating from 1779 and created by Gregorios.

– The Papakonstantis Museum, a traditional Kapetaneïko house, built in the traditional way of Lindos and open to the public.

And a little further : The Tharri’s Byzantine Monastery,  at 4 km  from Laerma village.

Useful info&links

– Fly to Rhodes : Easy Jet (London Gatwick, Liverpool, Paris, Milan, Berlin) – Aegean airlines (London Heathrow to Rhodes) – Thomson flights (London Stansted to Rhodes)

– Hire a car : contact Georges Stilianos who gives a great service (easy, friendly); he can organise car to be at the airport car park for you. 70 euros 3 days.