Sharone Komoroff opened Pachute on May 2nd 2010. It’s a small boutique , about 400 square feet/35 m2, with a beautiful assortment of carefully selected brands : Oeuf, Nico Nico, Lamantine, Egg, Atsuyo et Akiko, Tane’ and Jess Brown. Pachute carries jewelry and women collections as well, like Ivan Grundahl, Pas de Calais and 120% Lino. Before opening Pachute Sharone was a sale representative for different clothing and accessory lines. Pachute in Hebrew means “simple”, which captures the philosophy of the store.  Sharone is very sensitive to texture, the way the clothing feel and she only chooses styles with soft high quality fabrics for both women and kids. This has always been a very essential while looking for clothes for herself and especially for her young kids, she wanted them wrapped only in soft, natural fabrics. She loves the energy of a store created by both moms and kids, the kids make it fun, less serious, more real

Pachute – 1582 First Avenue – New York NY 10028 – tel. (212) 7941260  –