Don’t panic it’s organic! During the show season Paulina Krywosinska, owner and founder of Organic Zoo always proves to be a most warm and lovely catch up for Pirouette. However with Paulina having recently opened her very first Organic Zoo store located in Brighton, UK the catch up couldn’t wait until the shows… Paulina tells us more about her latest venture.

Organic Zoo Store Brighton

Organic Zoo Store Brighton - Paulina Krywosinska
Paulina Krywosinska, owner & founder Organic Zoo

When did you decide to open this your first store, and for what reasons?
I always wanted a place where people can not only ‘feel’ our clothes (although I am super proud how divinely soft they are!), but also get a better idea what organic zoo is about. I wanted to create our own little zooniverse that is a tribute to simple high quality design and sustainably made, timeless products that last.

At the same time, my goal was to find a space where me and my team will be happy to work and take advantage of Brighton’s finest! The store is located in the eclectic Kemptown Village, moments from the beach, in a welcoming and family-friendly area known for its many cafes.

Will it be nice to meet your customers?
To be able to meet and chat with people face to face is the most exciting change! We will be able to connect with our customers in a more personal way, which is priceless.

How long has it taken from finding the right location to opening the shop doors?
I have been looking to move for about a year before finding the right place. When I first saw the shop it was love at the first sight!! I knew straight away! After that things were moving faster. It took about two months to transform the space into what it is now!

Location is assumed to be everything in retail, why is this the perfect location for Organic Zoo?
Kemptown Village in Brighton perfectly fits with organic zoo’s character. The main street is filled with independent boutiques, creative businesses and amazing cafes. It’s a very hip place with a lot of personality.

Do you expect the challenges of brick & mortar retail to be very different to selling online?
Definitely I recognise the new challenges! Hopefully I will find the way to embrace the best of both worlds.

Did you design the look & feel of the Organic Zoo Store?
Yes, I am the one to blame (haha!). Since I remember I’ve been designing my own store, in my head though!

Organic Zoo Store Brighton - organic childrenswear

So when it finally came to doing it for real, I had quite a clear vision of what I want it to be. Along the way, I received a lot of fantastic tips and ideas from friends and family which worked out really well! Teamwork makes the dream work as they say.

What will we find in store?
To start with, we we are offering full organic zoo range, however there are some exciting products on their way from other brands, so stay tuned!

Organic Zoo Store Brighton - Organic children swear

Describe the personality & environment  you wish to create within the store?
The space is simple, organic, ‘basic’, but beautifully ‘basic’.
All of our furniture are made of untreated wood and colours are earth tones.

I hope the shop interiors portrays my love of simple, design and attention to detail.

Organic Zoo Store Brighton - Paulina Krywosinska

Congratulations and good luck Paulina, the store looks beautiful!


Organic Zoo

organic childrenswear

81 St Georges Road

Opening times
9am- 5pm, Tuesday -Saturday