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Queenliness revisited

"In the series "Existing in Costume", Chan-Hyo Bae has chosen the iconography of queenliness to express his feelings as an Asian immigrant. He dresses in period costumes and photographs himself as unidentified members of English aristocracy from the 13th to 19th centuries (all…

Small, thinking BIG

Paris Photo – Last year’s favourite

I am getting ready for another visit at Paris Photo in November. An annual rendez-vous that I wouldn't miss at any cost. This made me remember one of the artists I liked very much last year, and that I totally forgot to mention on Pirouette.  Never too late. Nelli Palomaki was…

New e-store, made in Switzerland

  . Name of…

Nina, 6 & Tor, 4 years old – Nairobi, Kenya

Erin Allan contacted me about Toto Knits, the brand of ethically made knitwear for children that she founded in Nairobi. A good occasion to discover how it is to live in the capital of Kenya. I learned that Nina loves art- especially drawing and recycled/found crafts and that…

Photography crush – big time…

I got very excited when came through the photos of Joanna Paterson. There is a real energy in her work, somethink that we would call "dejante" in French, meaning a cool madness, something totally fresh and different from many things we've seen recently.

An e-store for Kidscase!

Dandy house


Niddle Noddle’s favourites

Thanks to Katrine Camillo  and Eilidh Fraser for this rich and playful selection. All products available at www.niddlenoddle.com