A table!

. . . . PlanToys  - Wooden toaster, spaghetti plate, sauce pans for  mini chefs and food lovers. . www.plantoys.com

The fall stories of La Princesse au petit pois

Some people are good at summer collections, some better at winter's. Alexandra Darcissac is good at both. But Alexandra is good at many things : at choosing fabrics that are not too sophisticated nor too rough, at using just the right amount of colour, at keeping things simple…

Immortalizing childhood moments and family portraits

  . . It has become a tradition: every Fall, Pomme invites New York children to be photographed with their most treasured possessions. A project by photographer Davina Zagury who will capture once more the attachment kids have to their security objects- September 18th…

Monika Elena Kost for Noro

. . . . .                             Nordic inspired photos by Monika Elena Kost - Location : Copenhagen- Brand : Noro. 

Jess Brown and Bottega Veneta

. . . . . It's been a very well kept secret. A couple of months ago, Jess Brown was commissioned to create a giant version of her famous dolls for one of the most desirable luxury brands : Bottega Veneta. Jess worked hard and here we are (I am actually a bit late to announce…

Boys, black&white

    . . . Finger in the Nose - Photos Cyril Labbe . . 77 Kids by American Eagle - Photos Achim Lippoth .

Paper is in the air…

. . New website, new pieces for the Portland based Queen of paper gralands and mobiles, Heather Frazier. I've loved her poetic and airy creations since day one.  Frazier&Wing .  

All in one click on Babyccinokids.com

Babyccino Kids is an online portal of the best and most stylish children's boutiques from around the world. All (and more) in one click at Babyccinokids.com

September 11

. . The Twins, Photo by Jonathan Hobbin Terrorists and firemen to replace the good old cowboys and Indians...

Marcel & Fabian, 8 years old – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Twin brothers Marcel and Fabian recently moved to Dubai with their parents. Before that the family lived in Oslo and in Ethiopia. Marcel (a real charmer who loves to meet people) is into football. Fabian, on his side, plays tennis but also loves school, singing, dancing to his…

SHirin Kids

SHirin Kids

Brand Name : SHirin NYC / Company Name : SHirin NYC Inc. Created in : 2009 Website : shirinnyc.com Country of origin : USA  / Country of production: All Made in USA Name of the founder : Shirin Roubeni (click here to read more about Shirin)

Mask therapy

The Sunday Times, 04/09/11 - Fashion Lucy Ewing, Photographs Katja Mayer . . . Chris Kerr, bespoke taylor www.chriskerr.com .. .. Masks here and masks there.  Chanel models have a childish look with their cat masks on. Assouline Editions is releasing a book on the great…