Optical illusion

.   It looks like a VW camper but it is...a tent! You can fit a…

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Company profile : Le Carrousel

Name of the brand : Le Carrousel® Creation : September 2010 Country of origin : France Country of production : France Name of the founder : Marie Laure RENIER

Paper dresses


Honore, 19 months – New York, USA

Honore is the youngest boy ever interviewed on Pirouette, but  the little 19 months old is already very opinionated. Obsessed with cars (toys AND real ones) and anything with wheels, he's always ready for big fun like having his head upside down or running super fast and kicking…

Il Gufo

Il Gufo

Country of origin Italy Country of production We design and develop our garments at our Italian Headquarters in Asolo, controlling every stage of their production, including: cutting, preparation, dyeing of fabrics, finishing, sewing of details, application of accessories and…

Modular bed aalto + aalto

  . Aalto + Aalto is a design office focusing on functional, esthetical…

Isobel, 5 years old – London, UK

Today we welcome Isobel, 5 years old and her mother Lindsey,  journalist and founder of Urban Mums. Lindsey reports : "Izzy loves listening to music and dancing, especially “streetdancing” which she can’t believe she learned on her own. She is not a fan of wearing jeans,…

Another Pop Love

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Royal diary

Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece has a busy busy life. Mother of 5 children, the Princess also runs her own business, the children's line Marie-Chantal that she launched 10 years ago. Specially designed by the Princess, this  diary is the perfect way to keep track of everyone’s…