We Love Switzerland…

Jasmine in the Swiss mountains -  Tee-shirt Maan, short pants Bonton, cardigan  Petit Bateau. Vintage posters on display at Aletsch Glacier, Switzerland.

A sweet (William) interview

. . . . I am a big fan of Bronagh Staley (owner of Sweat William) for she has such a great eye in spotting cool new brands and displaying them in a tasteful fun way. Clic here to read an interview of Bronagh, published on The Inside Source. .

Jess Brown launching a women's line

. . . . . . . Known for her one-of-a-kind handmade rag dolls, Jess Brown is introducing a small women's wear range to her collections, inspired by her love for beautiful textiles. All of the line is shades of grey and natural linen and it's all done in twice combed cotton.…

Elfen Couture, Berlin

. . . . . . The childrenswear brand Elfen Couture was co-founded in 2006 by Selina v. Holleben as an hommage to the beauty and spirit of such a sweet childhood memory. Elfen Couture is located in Berlin, Germany and Marrakech, Morocco.   For their Fall/Winter 2011-2012…

At play in Provence

Pictures taken at La Bastide de Richeaume, a lovely B&B with tons of charm at very friendly price. Breakfast is served in the garden under a tree, with homemade jams, fruits, delicious bread and viennoiseries. Highly recommended!

Babiekins n.6 is out

. . Babiekins issue number 6 is out.  300+ pages : a succession of great fashion stories including the ones of Jessie Kenney p.212 (photos below), Nina W Mellon p.242, Kelly Roper p.308 (photos above).  . .

A press package hard to forget

A little suitcase delicately wrapped in raw paper with a natural fiber ribbon. Inside the suitcase a dress, newborn / doll size, by Chota Pero. The most beautiful press package I have ever received.

The inspiring world of Ryan Roche

. . . . . . . . . Located two hours north of New York on the Hudson Valley, the house of fashion designer Ryan Roche is filled with light, poetry and  inspiring details. The place is extremely peaceful and joyful at the same time, allowing space for reflexion, bringing…

Cult store

. In the crib, a painting by artist Manena Frazier . It's the temple of home decor, an Ali Baba's cavern full of amazing things, an eclectic mix of vintage, folk and design. In New York everyone goes to ABC Carpet&Home, to buy furniture, carpets, bedding&linens,…

There's a bird in my room…

.   Product: Bird Pendant Light Price: $29.99 Brand: Hommin Designer: Hung Ming Chen Color: Gold, Silver Clic here to buy through remodelista.com

Kids Love NY

When I ask, in my interviews, what city they dream to visit, kids very often answer New York (parents too!). From a very young age children will immediately connect with the city which never sleeps. Skyscrapers, lights, blue sky, giant streets, yellow cabs; so many attractive…

Christophe Kutner for Earnshaw's magazine

. . . Earnshaw's Magazine, August issue  Photos Christophe Kutner, style Michel Onofrio