Strange planet

. . . . . Crazy colorful psychedelic animals  -

Dandy forever

I love Dandy Star for their fun messages for their positive energy for the good quality for the vibrant color palette for the cool photographs for the consistent brand identity

Lulu, 10 years old – London, UK

Do you remember what your dreams were when you were 10 years old?  Lulu has a timeless passion for horses but she is also a kid of her times, dreaming of visiting New York and wishing to have her own  laptop. Alison Spence her mother is the designer and founder of new girl's…

Caramel illustrated

. .   .   . Lovely illustrations by  Florine - All characters are wearing the new Autumn/Winter Caramel Baby and Child collection:  signature knits, structured tailoring, Liberty print blouses and  little pastel dresses... .

Tiny & beautiful

. . . Thanks to Deborah Beau from Kickan & Conkers for bringing this beautiful issue of Tiny & Little to our attention.

Toy stories

. . . . . . . Photographs by Gabriele Galimberti - Sunday Times magazine, 04.09.2011

Need More -Think Twice Creatures

. . Need More -Think Twice Creatures by Meyer-Lavigne is a series of savings boxes that encourages consumers to show restraint and only buy the things they really need.  .

Delicious dresses, cool tees

Winter Water Factory, available at Sweet William :

Franklin Street, NY

  . . . . Bu and the Duck, 106 Franklin Street ( btw W. Broadway and Church streets) . When Susan Lane opened Bu and the Duck in 1997, she created a destination; Franklin Street was empty. It is only a decade later that Steven Allen and other fashion designers joined…

An invitation to take your time…

. . . . "Y'a pas le feu au lac" means “no need to rush”. The French expression evokes Lake Leman and the slow approach to life of Swiss people. YPLFL is also a design company based in France. Created by designers around the world, YPLFL products are an invitation to take your…

Happy in OEUF

. . . . I like the happy faces of the children wearing Oeuf. The "Eco Friendly Fair Trade Clothes" reflect comfort, humour, amusement, confidence. All is needed to make parents and children satisfied... .

Melanie Rodriguez + Lila&Tom + Bobo Choses

. . . . . . . . Photos Melanie Rodriguez, production Lila&Tom, clothes Bobo Choses .