Brand name: Hannah & Tiff

Company name: Hannah & Tiff Ltd
Date of creation: March 2017

Country of origin: UK
Country (ies) of production: India
Name of owner/founder(s): Thuy Pham
Number of employees: 3

Number of sales points: 11
In how many countries is the brand present: 5
Own e-store : Yes – created June 2017
Own store (brick and mortar): Not yet

3 stores that are loyal to you: KidPix, Minty Square, Nila

Where to find the brand online: Kidpix, Petite Belle, Minty Square

Company statement or tag line: Garments made to be cherished & passed by to the next generations.

What makes the brand unique / stand out: Heritage stories in every collection & the art of hand quilting

A quote from a client or journalist:

‘ If Isabel Marant was going to make a children’s collection.. Absolute love the soft colourways, gorgeous quilting and relaxed silhouettes. Would like to dress my whole family like this.’ Eleonore Crompton

Product categories: Clothing / Accessories/ Homeware
How many pieces per collection: 45-50
Main materials used: Organic Cotton

Your trade show planning for next season: Playtime Paris & Children’s Club NY

Plans for the future: Finding new agents in North America & expanding new markets.

Name of the photographer for the images sent: Tuan Anh Nguyen

Tuan Anh Nguyen for Hannah & Tiff

quilting kids fashion Hannah & Tiff

Hannah & Tiff UK

quilting kids fashion Hannah & Tiff collection