Brand name: Loulou des Indes
Company name: Wandering Clouds UG
Date of creation: 2016

Country of origin: The brand was created by French national Daphné Ghesquière when she was living in New Delhi. Daphné is now based in Berlin, Germany.

Country (ies) of production: India
Name of owner/founder(s): Daphné Ghesquière
Number of employees: 1
Number of sales points: 3
In how many countries is the brand present: 1

Own e-store: Yes. Created in 2016, Shop here
Own store: No

3 stores we can find LouLou des Indes: Winzig & Klein(Berlin), Department 21 (Berlin). Online:

Company statement: Loulou des Indes uses handwoven textiles to create distinctively beautiful, relevant clothes that children love to wear.

What makes the brand unique :
‏At Loulou des Indes we are enraptured by the simple, pure beauty of handwoven textiles. Drawing inspiration from the textile crafts of India and childhood’s ebullience, our work is both remarkable and refreshingly simple: Our focus is on using hand-woven textiles to create distinctively beautiful, relevant clothes that children love to wear.

‏Our fabrics are carefully cut and stitched in an airy couture atelier in New Delhi. Made by human hands, each Loulou des Indes piece is a dialogue between the weavers, the tailors and the child who wears it. Our creations span time and space, connecting ageless crafts and the future generations.

‏Loulou des Indes was created by Daphné Ghesquière, a French textile aficionado and a mother who lived for 18 years in Asia, including 10 years in India.

‏During her frequent contacts with weavers in various Indian provinces, she realised that traditional textile crafts are quickly disappearing. With Loulou des Indes she hopes to contribute to maintaining those unique heritage crafts by making them relevant and appealing to parents while creating a connection between weavers and the children who wear their handiwork and are their future customers.

Quote from a client or journalist:

‏“Loulou des Indes offers a fresh, modern take on traditional Indian fabrics and fills a gap in the market for kidswear that is ethical, handmade and appeals to a hip, stylish customer base. To our customers, Loulou des Indes pieces feel like a very special find. They love the fabrics, the exceptional quality of the stitching, the details like the soft cotton muslin lining, lined hems and button plaquettes and the fact that their kids can wear the pieces for a long time thanks to the roomy cuts and the wide, elasticated waistbands. We are proud to be the first shop in Europe to carry the brand.” 
Sandra Ellegiers, Winzig und Klein kidswear boutique, Berlin

‏”Loulou des Indes makes beautiful clothes made of noble high quality materials. All items have lovely details and are of fantastic colours which you can just love and are so fashionable  – beauty that can be worn every day and children absolutely love!” 
Nicole Nauen, customer, Berlin

‏“Loulou des Indes weaves the traditions of India and France together with incredible detail. Using exquisite Indian fabrics coupled with a French design twist, Loulou des Indes combination is playful yet classic.  The quality is second to none and the designs always look fresh and unique.“
Louisa Lee, Customer, Berlin 

Products: Clothing, scarves

How many pieces per collection: around 20 to 25 styles each in 4 sizes each

Main materials used: 100% cotton kadhi (hand spun and hand woven). All fabrics are woven exclusively for the brand in Indian villages (in Bengal and Andhra Pradesh, mostly), using traditional Indian techniques (Ikat, jamdani,…)

Your trade show planning for next season: Took part to Playtime Paris in January 2017, future planned participation ss18

List of agents/distributors: None yet

Plans for the future: Focus on our summer 2019 collection and look for an agent to commercialise the brand globally, especially in seaside resorts and in warmer countries.

Name of the photographer for accompanying images: Maru Alvarez.

Loulou des Indes 

Using exclusive textiles woven by hand by a partner weaver in India. LouLou des Ines captured our attention with its fresh aesthetic and an intimate approach to production. There’s a narrative to the production with Daphne producing the textiles in the country which she no longer resides in but lived for over ten years before moving to Berlin. There is an undeniable French influence to the style and soul, this is a young interesting label. Take a look!

“As you will see, at Loulou des Indes we do things a bit differently”
Daphné Ghesquière

Loulou des Indes

Loulou des Indes

Loulou des Indes

Loulou des Indes

Shop: Loulou des Indes
Instagram: @louloudesindes
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