Brand name : Young Soles
Company name : Young Soles
Website :
Date of creation : AW14
Country of origin : UK
Country (ies) of production : Portugal
Name of owner/founder(s) : Louise Shill and Stu Anderson
Number of employees : 2
Number of sales points (independent retailers/department stores/online stores) : 90+

In how many countries is the brand present : 34
Own e-store : yes (2015)
Own store (bricks and mortar): No

Company statement or tag line : Young Soles is an award-winning luxury children’s footwear brand that reinvents much-loved children’s British heritage footwear styles by bringing contemporary styling to create their signature retro-cool look.

What makes the brand unique / stand out : Our signature retro-cool look, attention to detail and exceptional quality. We aim is for our footwear evoke childhood memories.
Environmental/Ethical commitment: All our materials are locally sourced. All our leathers are food by-products. We have a Vegan collection.

Where to find the brand online :  Our website has a list of all our retailers
3 stores that are loyal to you (buy a lot/regularly, or represent the brand very well): Childrensalon, Alex and Alexa, Smallable

Product categories : Shoes, Boots, Sandals, Sneakers
How many pieces per collection : 156 (style/colour)
Main materials used : Leather, Rubber and EVA

Trade show planning for the SS23 selling season : No
Wholesale contact :
Agents/distributors : Engel Agency – Belgium/ Kindersegen Hamburg – Germany/ Luhuida (LHD) – China/ Young Soles Australia – Australia/ Northern Sky – Japan/ Pathmaker – Korea/ Young Soles USA – USA/ Stéphane Poncelet Showroom – France

Plans for the future :  We have a barefoot collection coming in AW22
SS22 Collection : Summer Staycation
Photographer : Gemma Booth

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