Brand name: Cherrypapaya
Company name: Cherrypapaya

Date of creation: March 2014

Country of origin: Portugal

Country of production: Portugal

Name of owner/founder: Sandra Barradas

Number of employees: 4

Number of sales points (independent retailers/department stores/online stores): 15
In how many countries is the brand present: 10

Own e-store, creation date: Yes, since 2014

Own bricks and mortar store & address: Yes, Rua Pedro Homem de Melo, 270 Porto (Pirouette Cherrypapaya Store Profile)

3 stores that are loyal to you or represent the brand very well: Babybug, Collective Child, Loja Dada

What makes the brand unique: Garments are developed always with maximum comfort in mind, easy to wear, to move in, to play and have fun. Produced and designed in Portugal using premium organic cotton jersey and fleece, soft and delicate materials, and a denim confort line.

Company statement or tag line: Made with Love for Happy Kids’

A quote from a client or journalist:

‘Glad that we found this store, it’s my favorite one now’ Margarida 8 years old
‘The Cherrypapaya sweat passed on our 3 kids now…’ Carla mother of 3 beautiful girls

Product categories / products names: Tee shirts, Sweat shirts, Pants, Leggings, Bodies, Denim, Skirts, Shirts, Jackets, Knits, Puffers, Socks, Swimwear.

How many pieces per collection: 80/100

Main materials used: 100% organic cotton

Your trade show planning for next season: Playtime Paris, Pitti Bimbo

List of agents/distributors: No agents yet

Plans for the future: We plan to open a store in Lisbon and to expand the number of retailers.

Name of the photographer for the images sent: Helder Bento


Cherrypapaya will be presenting their AW19 collection at Playtime Paris Saturday 26th – Monday 28th January 2019 stand QOA


Cherrypapaya SS19 launches beginning of March 2019…