Brand name : Mademoiselle à SOHO
Company name : Ana Alexandra Bussenault & co
Website :
Date of creation : sept 2009
Country of origin : USA
Country of production : Romania
Name of owner/founder : Alexana B
Number of employees : Me and the people I love and believe in MaS.
MaS backstage is a wonderful world full of colors, light, feelings, imagination, aspirations, and inspiration. A big faithful family.
Number of sales points 15 across 3 countries – That includes Les Petits Chapelais in Manhattan, Fiddlesticks in San Francisco, Allegria in Brooklyn
Own e-store : the online shop will be soon available with our new website
Own store : No
What makes the brand unique : I never follow trends. MaS inspiration comes from the energy of places I visit, people I meet, finding a balance between tailored and cool, simple but in a fashionable way, with a touch of humor. In every style there is a detail, could be a color challenge, fabric game or a shape secret. Parents see it, children feel it. MaS makes a child remarkable by the particular style they have.
A quote from a client or journalist : “ You own your style” … my vanity took a leap ☺
Product categories : children’s clothing from 3m to 8y
How many pieces per collection: around 1000
Main materials used : cotton wool linen from Italy or Turkey
Your trade show planning for next season : Children’s Club March 1st/2nd/3rd
List of agents/distributors : –
Plans for the future : For FW15/16, collection we will present for the first time a full line of hand made knits. We are building a network of “grannies knits” throughout Romania. I am doing this because I believe this will make them proud of their work and because it’s never late to show your talent.
Name of the photographer for the images sent : Geraldine Aresteanu