Brand name : MOTORETA

Company name : Motoreta Moda Infantil S.L.

Date of creation : June 2013

Country of origin : Spain

Country of production : Spain

Name of owners/founders : Cristina López-Lago/ Maria Llerena

Number of employees : 3

Number of sales points : SS15 is in 100 sales point, in 25 countries. Among them : Donokids/ South Korea, Kids Go Mininal/Austria, BEAMS/Japan.

Own e-store : yes, it was created in march 2014

Own store : No so far.


Where to find the brand online :

Company statement or tag line : Manufactured in Spain for kids | Think Global, Produce Local

What makes the brand unique / stand out : I guess there is not only one reason but a brand concept, the lifestyle. Our designs are clean and have something different that makes you can recognize them as a Motoreta design and we love that! And don’t forget about the local production: you can meet the people behind the brand.

A quote from a client or journalist : Once a journalist told about us that our designs are not “mini me” kids fashion (clothes designed for adults and scaled into kid sizes) but styles that grown up want to wear themselves. We have petitions for designing and producing our styles for adults almost every week!.

Product categories : clothing and accessories

How many pieces per collection : AW1516: 71

Main materials used : for SS collections: cotton and linen. For AW cotton and wool. For next AW1516 collection we have introduced a unique accessories (bag, suitcase and pencil case) line in leather made in Ubrique, Andalucia.

Trade show planning for next season : We will featured our new SS16 at Playtime Paris, Playtime New York and Ciff kids Copenhagen with our Scandinavian agent.

Agents/distributors : Nordic Edition in Scandinavian and Nordic Trends in Italy. We will announce very soon a special agreement for South Korea from next SS16.

Plans for the future : We are developing new accessories and lines to complete the collections. Our bussines plans are keep growing, selecting best points of sale and stores. Looking for new agents and distributors for Japan and USA, two markets where Motoreta is developing its presence very well.

Name of the photographer for the images sent : Motoreta – José and Carlos Iñesta