Brand name  Anaïs & I – Company name Anaïs & I inc.

Created in November 2009

Country of origin  USA – Country of production  Currently Korea

Name of the owners Jane D’Haene & Hermine Heller – Name of the founder Founder Jane d’Haene

Nbre of employees  5

Nbre of sale points About 70 shops  including Barney’s New York, Sweet William, Pomme

Own e-store Yes!  Since January 2012  –

Company statement Simple clothes designed, tested and approved by my children

What makes the brand unique?  Anaïs & I was created with pure desire to dress my own children with comfortable yet stylish clothes.  We still stand by that first idea.  Our children still wears every garment we produce.  It’s very important for us to have our children being comfortable in our design and in return keep moms happy.  Clothes that keeps children happy.

How many pieces per collection  Around 140 pieces including accessories

Main materials used  100% cotton

Your next trade show ENK Children’s Club, NY