Brand name : Munsterkids – Company name : If Enterprises Pty Ltd

Name of owner/founders : Samantha Brown and Rich Brown

Date of creation : May 2006

Country of origin : Australia

Country of production : Vietnam

Number of employees : 5

Number of sales points : 250, including Kidostore  SydneyLiberty London.

Brand present in :  10 countries

Own e-store : yes – is online next month

Own store : no

Company statement or tag line : ”this is how we roll”

What makes the brand unique / stand out : graphics

A quote from a client or journalist : Can you make it in adult sizes

Product categories / products names  : clothing , caps , bags , beanbags

How many pieces per collection : 150

Main materials used : Cotton

Trade show planning for next season : Playtime Paris, Ciff Kids Copenhagen , ENK New York.

Plans for the future: New website and online store launching in March 2014.

Name of the photographer for the images sent : Steve Baccon