Brand Name : nadadelazos –

Date of Creation : 2013

Country of Origin and Production : Spain

Name of founders : Kristina Laux and Roberto Visús

Number of employees : 2

Number of sales points : 52 contend among 14 countries. Retailers include LITTLE TRENDER BOUTIQUE (Canada), PETIT HOOD (France), SHAK SHUKA (Netherlands), MENINO-ÁRVORE (Lisbon, Portugal), ESTELLA (New York, USA), I DREAM ELEPHANTS and OLIVE LOVES ALFIE (UK).

Own e-store : Yes, created in 2014, access here.

What makes the brand stand out : Creative and characteristic hand-drawn prints, organic cotton, beautiful colours and extra confortable designs.

A quote from a client or journalist : Clothes for real kids

Product categories : Clothes.

How many pieces per collection : 25-40

Main materials used : Organic cotton, wool.

Trade show planning for next season : Playtime Paris 31-01 • 02-02, 2015

Agents/Distributors : Sugacoat – Australia / Birgitte Gandrup- Denmark / Lotta – Spain / Petit Marchons – South Korea. The brand is looking to expand this list…

Plans for the future : Follow working with retailers at the moment, directly or through agents and distributors.

Name of the photographer  : Roberto Visús