Brand name : no added sugar – Company name : no added sugar Ltd

Website :

Date of creation : July 2001

Country of origin : UK – Countries of production : Western & Eastern Europe using high quality fabrics

Name of owners : Deborah Medhurst (Founder & Owner) / Ric Ramswell (Owner)


Number of employees : 15

Number of sales points : Approx. 150 retailers worldwide

3 stores that are loyal to you : Harvey Nichols (London, Leeds, Edinburgh), Igloo (London x 3) Ten Little Monkeys (Manchester)

Where to find the brand online? :

Company statement or tag line : Born & Bred in London

What makes the brand stand out? :  Modern witty collections with thoughtful attention to detail and a focus on easy wear and care. Made entirely in Europe using high quality fabrics.

A quote from a client or journalist? : “no added sugar brings it’s energy and personality to my store each season; it’s like having your favourite party guest over!”.

How many pieces per collection : approx. 150

Main materials used : 100% cotton jersey and Italian cotton sweat shirting, cotton poplins, fancy

Agents: Vida kids (UK), La Passage Showroom (US), La Petit Philosophe (Japan)

Trade show planning for next season: Pitti Bimbo, Playtime Paris, Playtime New York & Tokyo

Plans for the future : Expansion in overseas markets


Photos Joanna Patterson


First publication May 2012. Revision March 2016