The Knit Planet’s rail really grabbed our attention at Dot to Dot London this Summer with their beautiful rich colour palette of machine washable knits for kids. Over and over again I heard visitors and exhibitors at the show use the phrase ” I wish that knitted jumpsuit was in my size”.  Always a testament to the appreciation of a collection! This is not only a super wearable collection that can spread across seasons but once you get to see and touch the garments in person you can’t help but fall in love with them. Micky and Nicky Wang, the founders of the label work together as a team in both life and business. Nikky designing the collection whilst Micky focuses on marketing and sales. So let’s have a chat to our #Pirouette12Watch winners for fashion ss18 at Dot to Dot London, and find out more…


Pirouette12watch Winners - Fashion - Dot to Dot Knit Planet Dot to Dot London

What’s your background? And how did you get into designing for the children’s market? Micky is from a fashion/creative background with experience working as a multi-disciplinary designer before he started his own business of cross-border fashion projects in between UK and Asia. Nikky is from a fashion/business background who had real love and knowledge of knitwear before she become an almighty mama of two:) But for Knit Planet, the mum is the creative lead and the dad took over the business side;)

Knit Planet was created in 2015 on the 2nd birthday of our first boy, being with the boy for two years we gradually stepped into the ‘little’ world which is not little at all. Surrounded by so many lovely things and creativity, we were inspired by the love of our little boy as well as knitwear, that made us decide to run our own brand.

What do you believe good design for kids to be…? They need to be comfortable and natural, we are not a big fan of the ‘smaller version of the adult fashion’. For us maintaining a child’s pure nature and offering the little ones something real comfort tailored specifically to their age instead of what we, the parents think is cool stays at the core, prior to any design or style.

Pirouette12watch Winners - Fashion - Dot to Dot Knit Planet ss18

Where do you find you inspiration for your collections? Our kids are our muses, through their eyes, we found many surprises these are often neglected. The books, games, musics, colours, conversations and many other little things actually created the first sparks of each collection.

Describe the Knit Planet range of products/collection?
We are modern knitwear for stylish little ones. Our styles are made with top quality materials and considerate design, tailored to child specific movements and environments. Our style is colourful, chic and comfy; many are also gender neutral, which is easy to mix-match, and cozy to wear all the time.

What are the main materials you use?  100% GOTs organic cotton and finest merino wool(for winter only), sometimes with Bamboo and Modal.

Pirouette12watch Winners - Fashion - Dot to Dot Knit Planet ss18

In how many countries can we find Knit Planet? Around 10 countries you can find us.

Countries of manufacturing? Southern China.

Where would you like to take Knit Planet in the future? US and Scandinavia.

Any news from when we last spoke? We are working now on the AW18 collection, besides the exciting creative part, the big upgrade will be creating a Signature Line – by taking feedback from the past seasons, some of our styles are going to focus more on and offer the customer some all season products.

What Trade Shows will we find you next season? Playtime Paris, and probably Playtime NYC.

Finally, where will you keep your Pirouette One to Watch Wolf head piece award? Front of our kids’ bedroom:)

Perfect, thank you Micky & Nikky!



Pirouette12watch Winners -Fashion- Dot to Dot Micky & Nicky Knit Planet
Micky & Nicky Wang, founders & owners of Knit Planet

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