Stylish Beanbags Bonanza Chez Nobodinoz

Beanbags are a wonderful invention. Children can't resist taking a dive when they see one. They're perfect for lounging around and their softness will calm down even very stressed adults.   

Totem Lamps by Xadrezasriscas

These lamps are made of pine wood with water based-paints. You can play with the different parts and create your own version, in the colour combination of your choice.

Brikkon Spaceship for All Age Lego Lovers

Lego was my favourite toy for many years while growing up, even if it didn't offer the infinite array of specialised pieces that you find today. We could always improvise by mixing wood blocks or erector-set pieces to create some great hybrid robots, vehicles and landscapes. How…


The Clover House Kindergarten Okazaki: MAD architects

How fun and inviting does 'The Clover House' kindergarten in the small town of Okazaki, Japan look. It’s the first project in Japan by Beijing based studio MAD architects. The former building was becoming too small for the needs of it’s young users so a remodel was required. The…

Formidable Family Pimentel (Piupiuchick)

Four years ago, together with her sister Mariana and with her friend Marta, Ines Pimentel created Piupiuchick. She opens the doors of her house to Pirouette.

Kid's wear living cover image

Kid’s wear Living vol.1: Interview & sneak preview

On Monday the 9th of January kid's wear magazine will launch a new magazine dedicated to the world of design for children, lifestyle, toys and accessories. We do our very best to squeeze a little more information and a sneak preview from the editors Petra Barkhof &…

Urban Farming : Top Job Of The Future?

Ever make mud pies when you were growing up? These days, kids are as likely to be getting their hands dirty in the vegetable garden. Which could be a professional asset for them in the future! Urban farmers will be sought after, as futurists explain in this interesting article.…

Experimental Guest House by Steven Holl Architects

This new development by Steven Holl Architects looks like a doll house. Kids will love it at first sight. Located in Rhinebeck (Upstate New York, near Woodstock), it sits in the middle of the green. But it has more than this...

Diamond, A Different Music Box, By A+H Foreign Affairs

This is a musical box celebrating geometry and French composer Erik Satie. An object you want to possess, regardless of your age.

Natti Natti, Organic Children’s Bedding

This is a new&small family business, making organic children's bedding inspired by Sweden. Enter the world of Natti Natti (which means "Nighty Night" in Swedish), and discover the collection - handmade in Brooklyn, USA.

MoKee : Smart, Simple, Stylish and Honest

moKee was founded in 2013 by French dad, Samuel Serra, out of the frustration of buying smart looking functional and well priced baby products in existing retail channels.

Desk by Oeuf

We have all fallen for the crib, bed, dresser and play table designed by Oeuf. In perfect synchronicity, the Brooklyn based brand just introduced a desk - perfect timing as the children have grown and need some stylish option for their homework.