NY moms by Zoe Aldlersberg : Ambrosia Parsley

Singer Ambrosia Parsley is not a big fan of cameras. "More Garbo than Gaga", she says. So we feel very lucky that she allowed photographer Zoe Adlersberg to take photos of intimate moments of her with her son Lucius, just for Pirouette. Fans of Ambrosia's deep velvety voice (and…

NY moms by Zoe Adlersberg : Kasia Pysiak

Kasia Pysiak, founder and designer of Zaikamoya, was born in Russia, raised in Poland, spend a decade in Paris before settling in Brooklyn.  With her son Liev (4 y old), she takes the pause for  Zoe Adlersberg and she tells us about her life in Prospect Heights.

NY moms by Zoe Adlersberg : Alice Bertay

Alice Bertay is the founder, editor-in-chief and creative director of Kid-In Magazine. Born in Paris, she became a New Yorker in 1996; she currently lives in Williamsburg with her husband Alan Bibby (a film director from New Zealand) and their 5 year old son Theo. Enjoy NY Mom's…

NY moms by Zoe Adlersberg : Colleen Crivello

Colleen Crivello, fashion designer and owner of kids brand CHaLK NYC opens this series of NY mom's portraits by photographer Zoe Adlersberg. Originally from LA, Colleen lives in Tribeca with husband Roberto - an Italian designer raised in Montreal, and their 3 year old daughter…

Carlo, 21 months- Zurich

Carlo is only 21 months but has already a strong and colorful personality. He is the son of Laurence, owner of Vestibule,  a beautiful fashion and lifestyle concept store in Zurich that she created a few years ago making her dream come true.

Ruby & Mabel – Salt Lake City, USA

Ruby (6 y) is scared of real mummies at the museum because she feels they are coming alive. Mabel (4 y) believes the best thing in life is Cross-country skiing.  Mother of the two, Emily McMaster is the designer of Mabo. 

Lucie Braun, 6 y old – Berlin, Germany

Lucie, 6 y old, is the strongest person in the world. Her dream ? To own a store with all things she likes most in her life. Myriam Werner, mother of Lucie and her two little sisters Elsa and Pia, is a Freelance stylist.

Tyler Max, 7 years old – USA

Tyler Max is into science , lizards and football; he has a great sense of humour with a heavy hint of sarcasm, sharp wits and tongue. The perfect boy for an interview ;-) - Mother Julia Angel is the Founder & Publisher of Boys Be Cool – Boys Have Style Too!

Mayumi Nasser, 7 years old – Manila, Philippines

"Mayumi Nasser’s name means ‘Modest Victory’. Which is quite an understatement because Mayumi is my greatest and only real victory in life" says Tricia Matoto-de Santo, Creator and Captain of brand Dizzy Dress  ("The happiest dress in the universe, and Mayumi is  its inspiration…

Edmond, 3 y old – Cambridgeshire, UK

"Edmond is a gourmet. He loves oysters, foie gras and he can recognise some of the French cheese. He is able to behave like a big boy and have 5 courses in a restaurant just for the pleasure of good food", says his mother Bianca, founder of Mimo Kids.

Carmen - Favoritz.com

Carmen, 9 y old – Luzern, Switzerland

Carmen is very good at drawing and painting. The lucky girl already has her own brand of creative products selling at her mom's shop, Favouritz.com. 

Gillis & Sonja – Gothenburg, Sweden

Gillis (3 y and half) is a little professor who has a passion for angry birds, dinosaurs and playing socker. Sonja (2 y) is a ray of sunshine who has a need for speed when it comes to life, swings and carousels. Mother of the two, Sara Cambladh is the founder of Filemon Kid a…