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Color Bears is an aesthetic, bold book. Adorable, colorful, fun loving, this cardboard book bursting with bears will engage any toddler at first glance. Even infant 3 month old eyes will be attracted by it with the high contrast print that appears on every spread. As the child grows it engages with the color lessons, the simple text and conceptual bear graphics. The stylized illustrations of Judy Palaferro have their roots in both her teenage admiration for rock and roll album covers and the 1980s New York art scene. Judy has worked as a print and web designer and as a book buyer in a Colorado toy store, where she began developing artistically with inspiration from Arthur Ransome, Roald Dahl, and teddy bears. Upon returning to New York City, Judy Palaferro’s fascination with illustration flourished for 18 years while she worked as a children’s graphic artist and textile designer in the fashion industry. Color Bears displays her beautiful sense of bright and pleasing aesthetics and her love for animals, imagination, and children’s art.

The Color Bears is available at the MOMA designstore, www.umbragebooks.com and www.turnaround-uk.com