The Pirouette One to Watch Awards are back for the AW19 trade show selling season starting in Florence at Pitti Bimbo’88 with Pirouette Editor Katie Kendrick. Then it’s out to the States for Playtime, New York with blog founder Florence Rolando. So let us do the hard work and keep a watch out for the winning brands!

The Pirouette One To Watch ‘Lose the North’ compass Award

The new Pirouette One to Watch Award is designed by Maria and João from So-So Portugal. When they were briefed about the award their first idea was to create an object that could help find new brands.

After some thought, they came to the idea of a compass – an object that could help you find the “right path” to the “right brand”. The concept being that the “North” pointed to by the needle is replaced by Pirouette’s ‘One to Watch’  eye symbol. “Lose the north” is an expression used in Portuguese when someone is lost… but with So-So’s playful and inventive approach this year’s award is bound to find it’s way to the worthy One to Watch winners!

Pirouette One to Watch Awards AW19

Pirouette One to Watch Awards AW19

Maria and João, So-So

Read more about Maria and João in the interview with invited designers… Coming soon.

Pirouette One To Watch Awards Schedule

Pitti Bimbo Awards presented by Katie Kendrick Pirouette Editor on Friday 18 January 2019 at The NEST 3pm with a glass of fizz!  View event here

Playtime New York Awards presented by Pirouette Founder Florence Rolando at 5.30 pm on Sunday the 10 February 2019
View event here 

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AW19 Pirouette One to Watch Award ‘Lose the North’ Compass designed by So-So