Where do our favourite childrenswear owners and designers go on holidays? Some destinations will make you dream, big time!

Repost from September 2013

Second part of the best summer 2013 holiday memories of cool families : Milk Magazine in Mallorca, Lucky Wang across Europe, Babyccino in Washington State, Clotaire in Ibiza and Pink Chicken in The Hamptons.

Such fun receiving all these photos and holiday memories! A great source of inspiration for the summer 2014 vacations!

Our next posts will feature Zid Zid Kids, Naif Magazine, Pom d’Api, Jess Brown, Lmnop… – Stay tuned!

Milk Magazine, Ile de Ré (France) and Deia, Mallorca (Spain)

What destination did you chose for the summer break? We went to Ile de Ré and to Deia in Mallorca.
Was it your first time there? Ile de Re, has become an habit, 13 years in a row ;-). Deia was a first; my parents lived there in 1968.

Who did you hang out with? With the family in Re as well as with all the friends who surround us there. In Deia we stayed in an hotel again between us four, but not far from friends who were staying in a finca.

The coolest about Deia? The cala! With its restaurants hanging on rock cliffs. The bar and its “fonda”, utterly cool with an outstanding cast: Kate Moss, Sadie Frost, Mario Sorrenti and all the crazy British wildlife.

What part did the children dig the most? They love snorkeling and warm water…both impossible to get in Ré!


Milk Magazine on holidays 2013

Lucky Wang, across Northern Europe

Where did you travel this summer ? We went to London-Rotterdam-Paris-London in one trip.
We had already been to Rotterdam, but not to the other cities.

What were the highlights of the trip? Spending lots and lots of time with friends!

What did the children particularly appreciate? The same… spending lots of time with their friends and making new friends.


Lucky Wang Holidays

Courtney Babyccino, Washington State (US)

Where did you spend your summer? Every summer we go ‘home’ to the US to visit family in the state of Washington. We bounce back and forth between places, but we spend the majority of our time at our family beach house on Bainbridge Island which is a 30 minute ferry ride from downtown Seattle.

What it your first time there? I grew up spending summers here. It is such a special place to me – it reminds me of being a young child, spending time with my family, grandparents and great grandparents. And it makes me so happy seeing my own kids run up and down the beach, doing the things I did as a little girl.

What was the best about it? Being with my family! And long beach walks every morning, lazy afternoons on the terrace, campfires in the evening and the sound of waves as I sleep.

What did the children liked so much about the place? My boys love to go fishing – they wake up early and convince one of my brothers to take them fishing. This year they caught some really big salmon and we had big family dinners eating fresh fish and crab. All my kids love finding treasures on the beach.


Babyccino Holidays

Clotaire, Ibiza& Formentera

What destinations for you this summer? My cute little house on the paririe (Eure, France) and Ibiza + Formentera in a boat and with the family.

Was it your first time there? No, we have been exploring the area for two years.

Your favourite spot? Espalmador, a natural reserve Formentera that can easily compete with the Caribbean!

The children’s best of ? My oldest : wander around naked! My youngest : eat chips on the beach in it Yoyo!

And yours? The vintage looking merry-go-round in Ibiza, 1 euro for two hours. A very mom-friendly price !


Clotaire Holidays


Pink Chicken, Hamptons (USA)

Where did you go on holidays?  We went to amagansett where our family has a home. . .  we spend summer weekends there and the last 2 weeks of august every year.

Tell us more…  We have been going to amagansett for 15 years!

What did you prefer about it?  Family time. We are all busy in the summer, girls with camp and John and I with work so when we are together in August it’s family time all the way.

And what did the children liked so much?  Surfing. . . we have been taking surf vacations to Costa Rica for the last 2 years and now the girls are also doing surf in the Hamptons!   The beach bonfires we have on beach with all of our/their friends, smores galore!  We have a few friends with boats and the girls love to go tubing!


Pink Chicken Holidays Pink Chicken The Hamptons