Based in Los Angeles, Gretchen Easton specializes in photographing children and infants for fashion, advertising, editorial and celebrity clients, both nationally and internationally. Gretchen’s unique viewpoint when working with children and infants captures the spirit of childhood and innocence, while celebrating the clothes and products the children wear and use. Gretchen is a master at walking the balance line of creative interpretation. Whether working on a formal European French fashion line or summer beachwear, you see reflected the appropriate emotional energy and beautiful focus on the clothes. The subject and environment are beautifully rendered and captured, adding to the moment. Viewing Gretchen’s images, you want to share in those reflected moments. You want to connect and engage; they make you smile.






Gretchen’s work is fun, restful, mischievous, wondrous, playful, and full of discovery, happiness and energy. In short, her images display all the things that childhood is about – and which Gretchen’s clients want their clothing and product lines to reflect. Gretchen draws from her own happy childhood in Minneapolis and returns regularly to gain inspiration. I have to add that Gretchen is especially good with boy’s photography. Really.

Gretchen is represented by Biscuit 8 www.biscuit8.com