“Nina is a 6 years old girl from Ireland. She’s living in Los Angeles for a couple of years with her parents, who are close
friends of mine. I went over to her house that day, in the beautiful neighborhood of Laurel Canyon. Which is where a lot of musicians
in the 60’s and 70’s lived. Very hippie. She picked out her clothes and took me up to her trampoline, which was
on a hill in her backyard. She started showing me tricks on in and the light was streaming in and I just started shooting.
It was her first time taking pictures and she told me stories about her friends while I shot. The shoot lasted almost 3 hours,
as she wanted to go to a lot of different places in her house. We took pictures by her pool, in her bedroom, and all over her backyard.
She pretty much art directed the whole thing!”

Emily Ulmer www.emilyulmer.com