Brand name : BOdeBO

Website :

Date of creation : Official launching in 2005

Country of origin and production : France (100% made in France from start to finish)

Name of founder : Ann RAMIREZ

Number of employees : 5

Number of sales points : more or less 50, depend on winter or summer – They include : Lilibulle Paris,  Cache Cache Fukuoka Japan, Les3Grands Osaka Japan, Les Petits Chapelais NY, USA.

The brand is present in : 15 Countries

Own e-store : Yes, launching next month

Own store : under negotiation for 2015.

Company statement or tag line : CONTEMPORARY FASHION FOR MODERN KIDS

What makes the brand unique : One step ahead

A quote from a client or journalist : When Matthew Hollroyd wrote in Junior Magazine ” if Yohji Yamamoto made children’s wear, it would look like the BOdeBO range “, I thought my heart would stop beating.

Product categories :
Clothing : 2Y to 12Y (BOdeBO),
Knitwear & Accessories (BOdeBOMY), 6months to 12Y
Basic Line 2Y to 12Y (BOdeBOBASIC),
Line for Adults (BOdeBOMAX)
Line for fun 2Y to 12Y (BOdeBOMAD)

How many pieces per collection : 35

Main materials used : Pure cotton mostly

List of agents/distributors : Enfants Terribles in Japan (

Plans for the future :

VERY SOON: co-branding with MOBIKEY (furnitures)
FUTURE: 3 other co-branding projects in the pipeline !
+ Negotiation with a distributor in UAE
+ Development in RUSSIA & BRAZIL
+ Opening of the first BOdeBO CONCEPT-STORE

Name of the photographer for the images sent : Alexa Camara. She’s amazing with kids