Brand name : Indikidual – Website :

Date of creation : Nov 2011

Country of origin : UK/Sweden – Country of production : India

Name of the founder: Syreeta Johnson

Number of employees : 1

Number of sales points : 30 including  Kidsen, Skin and Bliss, Millymog, Beeniebuds&co

Own e-store ? no

Company statement or tag line : Indikidual is about letting children’s personalities shine. its about encouraging playful self-expression, spontaneity and daring to be individual. Indikidual is for everyone, everyone is indikidual.

What makes the brand unique?  The range is all about mixing and matching pieces to create different looks, its basically a unisex capsule wardrobe! The prints are all hand drawn and feature things my daughter is into so lots of bananas and funny faces! I want the collection to be fun, basic, expressive and comfortable all at the same time. I think the range allows kids to look like kids but with a style no adult could rock!

A quote from a client or journalist? Playful, silly, expressive and super stylish…we are bananas for this new collection (issy and Marley Blog). I love the concept — it’s a unisex collection with cute and quirky pieces meant to be mixed and matched and layered to create all sorts of different looks and styles (Babyccino Blog).

How many pieces per collection : About 35

Main materials used : 100% organic cotton

Your trade show planning for next season? Playtime Paris, Bubble London, CPH kids

Plans for the future ? Continuing with my pop up craft studio in London. We plan to move back to Sweden so possibly more stockists in Scandinavia.


Photos Richie Hopson / Tim Walker