Brand Profile: Bobo Choses

Brand profile: Bobo Choses Brand name: Bobo Choses Company name: Bobo Choses SL Website: Date of creation: 2008 Country of origin: Spain Country (ies) of production: Our garments are made locally. 98% of our SS21 collection was produced between Spain and…


Brand name: EFVVA Company name : NIKLAS HULTQVIST/ EFVVA Website: Date of creation: 2011 Country of origin: Poland Country of production: Poland EU Name of owner/founder: Ewa Wróbel Hultqvist Number of employees: 4 In how many countries is the brand present:…


Brand name: Cherrypapaya Company name: Cherrypapaya Website: Date of creation: March 2014 Country of origin: Portugal Country of production: Portugal Name of owner/founder: Sandra Barradas Number of employees: 4 Number of sales points (independent…

Loulou des Indes

Loulou des Indes

Brand name: Loulou des Indes Company name: Wandering Clouds UG Website: Date of creation: 2016

Misha and Puff SS17

Misha and Puff

Brand name: Misha and Puff Company name: Misha and Puff Website: Date of creation: 2011



Brand name : Milibe Website : Date of creation : 2002 Country of origin : Denmark Name of owner/founder(s) : Mille Milt & Maria Raben

Dandy Star

Dandy Star

Brand : Dandy Star Website : Date of creation : 2005 Country of origin : U.K Country (ies) of production : UK, Portugal,Turkey Name of owner/founder(s) : Charlotte Day


Brand name : Morley - Company name : BVBA Loena Website : Date of creation : 2010 Country of origin : Belgium 

Max & Lola

Max & Lola

Brand name : max & lola Company name : max & lola sprl Website : Date of creation : 1987 Country of origin : Belgium


Bob & Blossom

Brand name : Bob & Blossom Website : Date of creation : 2000 Country of origin : UK

Bonnie Baby

Brand name : Bonnie baby - Date of creation : 2005 Country of origin : UK - Countries of production : China and Hong Kong Name of owner/founder : Tracey Samuel