Brand name : Miller [all three names Elias, Grace, Miller are the middle names of the owner’s kids]

Company name : elias & grace

Website :

Date of creation : 2010

Country of origin : UK / London

Countries of production : Portugal & Lithuania

Name of owner/founder : Nickey Korn

Number of employees : 4 Full Time

e-store :  elias & grace

store : Elias & Grace, 158 regents Park Road, London. NW1 8XN

Number of sales points : 25/30 worldwide, including Liberty (London), Little Fashion Gallery (Online), Petit Aime, (london), Sweet William NY (brick&click).

Company statement or tag line : “everyday wearable luxury”

What makes the brand  stand out : Quality, fit & feel is paramount to us as is the ability to wear the collection how you want, you can make it minimal and super chic or you can get creative and mix it all up, spots, stripes florals etc.

A quote from a client or journalist : Yesterday 14.11.2012 – The Times Kidswear Special by Carolyn Ansome “ Where mothers of the best dressed kids head to … shopping doesn’t get more fun or addictive”

How many pieces per collection : 150’ish

Main materials used : Cotton, Corduroy, Cashmere, Merino

Your trade show planning for next season : Playtime Paris

Plans for the future  : we develop organically & go with the flow

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