Brand name : Smokks  – Company name : Smokks

Website :

Date of creation : April 2014

Country of origin : USA_ New York – Country of production : Made in the USA- or should I say made in New York.

Name of owners : Hallie Burton, George Yannopoulos with our daughter Pompie 

Number of employees : 4

Number of sales points : We are on on line business, however we sell exclusively in Australia to an amazing store called Love Duck in Sydney, Australia

In how many countries is the brand present? : USA and Australia

Where to find the brand on-line : , e-store created in April 2014

3 stores that are loyal to you : Love Duck in Paddington (Sydney Australia), Dabney Lee (Shelter island) and Arcade (Nashville + online).

Company statement or tag line : It’s always summer some where.

What makes the brand unique : The prints – We usually use Liberty of London as they’re gorgeous and last forever and for the Little ladies they hide a lot of mess!

A quote from a client or journalist? : Smokks provides beautiful style and functional comfort. With deep pockets for treasure collecting, iron-free material and simple to adjust sleeves – Smokks is the perfect go-to piece for my adventurous girl.” 

How many pieces per collection : We don’t have a collection as such, we keep the same styles and add new prints all year round.

Main materials used : Cotton, generally a “lawn” weave.

Your trade show planning for next season? : We showed at Playtime- which was good, however I think being a com business, trade shows don’t really matter that much for us because we don’t do seasonal collections.

Plans for the future ? : Due to popular demand we will add more women’s smokks- they’ve become such a big part of the business- unexpectedly we stumbled across an entirely new market.

Photographer : Hallie Burton