Brand name : Trommpo – Company name : Trommpo srl

Date of creation : 2010

Country of origin : Uruguay

Country  of production : Uruguay

Name of o founder(s) : Catalina Bouza / Dean Xavier
Number of employees : 4

Number of sales points  5

3 stores that are loyal to you :It is too early for that.. but represents us the best.

Where to find the brand online? :,

Own e-store ?  To be launched very soon !

Company statement or tag line : Fun and clever design for kids.

What does the name mean? Trommpo comes from “ trompo” which  in Spanish means “spinning top” . We chose it because it relates to childhood, movement and is such a timeless object.

What makes the brand unique ? Shapes and colour.

A quote from a client or journalist? : “ I am head over freaking heels for that little dress ! “ Amanda from

How many pieces per collection : between 20 and 30.

Main materials used : Cotton, wool, viscose.

Your trade show planning for next season?  We did Playtime Paris for SS12 and Playtime New York for AW12/13 . Still don’t know about next season.

Plans for the future Being stocked in more boutiques worldwide, attending more trade shows.

Website :