Name of the brand : 10 IS (Pronounce Tennis)

Website :

Date of creation of the brand : 2011

Country of origin : France

Number of employees : 10

Number of sales points : about 150, including Les Petits Chapelets, New York – Aimé, Notting Hill, London – The Family Market, Paris

Where to find the brand online : Smallable, PetitHood, My Little Square

Own e-store : No

Tag line : Classic Tennis

What makes the brand stand out : This is a contemporary urban label, which makes each piece from noble and hard-wearing materials in designs that encourage the optimal comfort. Models are authentic, functional. A new way to feel good and stylish.

A quote from a client or journalist : « Definitely THE new sneaker brand for kids » Elle Magazine

How many pieces per collection : 10

Main materials used : Premium leathers for winter

Your trade show planning for next season : Playtime Paris – Playtime NYC

Plans for the future : Some wonderful little surprises…

Name of the photographer : Melinda Blanchet