Brand name : Bob & Blossom

Website :

Date of creation : 2000

Country of origin : UK

Country (ies) of production : Our cottonwear is produced in Turkey and hand screen printed in Brighton (UK).

Name of owner/founder(s) : Kirsten Harris

Number of employees : 6

Number of sales points : 300+, including Liberty, Harrods, Selfridges and lots of great independent boutiques.

In how many countries is the brand present? We currently have stockists in over 25 countries.

Own e-store ? : Yes – launched in 2003.

Own store (brick and mortar) ? If so where/addresses? Yes -140 Columbia Road, London E2 – Our little shop is only open on Saturdays and Sundays to coincide with Columbia Road’s flower market.

Company statement or tag line : Big smiles & happy times

What makes the brand unique / stand out? : Bob & Blossom makes a great gift.

Product categories : Childrens & Babies clothing.

How many pieces per collection : We don’t produce seasonal collections…instead we offer a year round range – currently about 120 different lines.

Main materials used : Cotton

Your trade show planning for next season : We will be at Playtime Paris, Top Drawer & Bubble London


Bob and Blossom

Bob and Blossom

Bob and Blossom

Bob and Blossom


Name of the photographer for the images sent : Joey Toller